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Ningbo Dengding Lighting Co., Ltd is leading China Led step lighting Manufacturers and stair light factory, Founded in 2016. Specializing in the production and supply of outdoor lamps, LED indoor and outdoor lamps, courtyard lamps, wall lamps, spotlights, bunker lamps, etc., which are widely used in commercial lighting at home and abroad. We custom OEM corner lamp, Led Stair Lighting comply with professional certifications such as CE, CB, SAA and ROHS. Create a series of high standard and high-quality products for the market.

Ningbo Dengding Lighting Co., Ltd is leading Commercial Lighting supplier and manufacturers in China, we supply LED and solar Commercial Lighting home and abroad.We have a strong R&D team, and we can develop and produce products according to the drawings or samples the customers offered.We have our own manufacturing plant, factory direct sales, high quality and low price.We have our own finished product inspection system and advanced quality inspection equipment to ensure product quality.

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Industry Knowledge Extension

Development trends of LED stair lights:
Due to the continuous development of intelligent technology, LED stair lights have begun to develop in an intelligent direction. Smart LED stair lights can sense changes in ambient light through sensors and automatically adjust brightness and color temperature to provide a more comfortable and energy-saving lighting experience.
In addition, with the iteration of Internet of Things technology, LED stair lights can also be connected to other smart devices to achieve remote control, scene setting and other functions, bringing people a more convenient and intelligent home life experience.

How is the optical design of LED stair lights achieved through packaging technology to ensure that light shines evenly on the stairs and avoid glare?

LED stair light packaging technology includes lens and reflector design, light guidance and control, material selection, secondary optical design, and angle adjustment. These technologies work together to ensure that light reaches the stairs evenly and avoid glare.
1. Design of lenses and reflectors: LED stair lights are usually equipped with lenses and reflectors. The design of these components directly affects the distribution and uniformity of light. Lenses adjust the angle at which light spreads, while reflectors direct light to the areas that need to be illuminated, ensuring that every part of the staircase is evenly illuminated.
2. Light guidance and control: Packaging technology also includes light guidance and control. By using special materials and structures, the light emitted by LEDs can be directed in specific directions to avoid direct light hitting people's eyes, thereby reducing glare.
3. Material selection: When selecting packaging materials, its impact on light will also be considered. For example, some materials may transmit and diffuse light better, helping to achieve a more even lighting effect.
4. Secondary optical design: The optical design of LED stair lights usually also includes secondary optical design. This means that after the LED chip packaging is completed, the entire lamp will be optically designed to further optimize the light distribution and lighting effect.
5. Angle adjustment: Packaging technology also allows the illumination angle of the LED stair light to be adjusted. By adjusting the angle of the LED lamp beads or the inclination of the entire lamp, the direction and range of the light can be changed, thereby ensuring that different parts of the staircase receive appropriate lighting.

How to enhance the mechanical strength of LED stair lights so that they can withstand shock and vibration in the external environment?

1. Choose durable materials: Choose high-strength, durable materials to make LED stair lights, such as aluminum alloy, stainless steel or engineering plastics. These materials have good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance and can be used in harsh environments for a long time.

2. Strengthen shell design: Design a strong and durable shell structure to enable the LED stair light to withstand external shock and vibration. The shell can be designed with a thick thickness, or structural reinforcements can be added to improve the overall mechanical strength.

3. Reinforce the connecting parts: Strengthen the connecting parts of the LED stair light, such as brackets, mounting seats, etc., to enhance the stability of its connection with the stairs or wall. Use strong and durable connections and ensure they are securely mounted to reduce the risk of being affected by external vibrations.

4. Internal shock-absorbing design: Designing shock-absorbing structures inside LED lamps, such as shock-absorbing pads or shock-absorbing rubber, can reduce the impact of external vibration on internal components. This can protect the LED lamp beads and circuit board from being damaged by external impacts.